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After Staton resigned in 2019, the UNC System named Dan Gerlach as the interim chancellor. In late September 2019, Gerlach was placed on administrative leave after photos and video emerged, showing his interaction with students at a popular bar in the downtown area. National Pan-Hellenic Council has a presence on campus, as well. There are four historically African American sororities and five historically African American fraternities. There are over 18 honor and 13 service or religious fraternities or sororities at ECU.

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The college officially opened on July 1, 2003, but can trace its roots to ECU founding; the school hired art and music professionals in 1907 to train teachers. North Recreational Complex is an athletic complex located on a 129-acre (522,044.5 m2) parcel of land north of East Carolina University’s main campus. The NRC is one of the Nation’s largest recreational complexes. It will augment the Blount Intramural Sports Fields located behind the Carol Belk Building on Charles Boulevard. The first of three phases of the complex opened on September 2, 2008. Phase one includes eight lighted fields, a 5.6 acres lake with a beach, walking trails/areas, and a field house.

In 2020, 59% of undergraduate students attending East Carolina University received financial aid through grants. Comparatively, 49% of undergraduate students received financial aid through loans. In a 2014 interview for the online edition of Cosmopolitan magazine, she revealed that she has always wanted to be in the entertainment industry. She went on to say that she had not originally intended to go to college but did so to continue a relationship with a man she was dating. After taking a semester off to assess and plan her future, she came up with the concept of «Carter Cruise» as a brand and as a means to accomplish her goals with regards to writing, acting, music, and fashion. Cruise was the subject of a 2014 interview for Cosmopolitan magazine’s website called «Sex Work», which profiles women who have careers in sex-related industries.She is friends with fellow collegiate porn actress Belle Knox.

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Robert Herring Wright was inaugurated as the first president of ECTTS on November 13, 1909. The chief administrator changed names after ECU joined the UNC System in 1972. The chancellor is chosen by the University of North Carolina Board of Governors on the recommendation of the board’s president, and he reports to the 12–member Board of Trustees at ECU.

The total enrollment at East Carolina University, both undergraduate and graduate, is 28,798 students. The full-time enrollment at East Carolina University is 21,471 and the part-time enrollment is 7,327. This means that 74.6% of students enrolled at East Carolina University are enrolled full-time compared with 76.5% at similar Doctoral Universities.

Although its purpose was to train «young white men and women», there were no male graduates until 1932. In 1920, ECTTS became a four–year institution and renamed East Carolina Teachers College; its first bachelor’s degrees were awarded the following year in education. A master’s degree program was authorized in 1929; the first such degree granted by the college was in 1933. Progress toward full college status was made in 1948 with the designation of the Bachelor of Arts as a liberal arts degree, and the Bachelor of Science as a teaching degree. A change of name to East Carolina College in 1951 reflected this expanded mission. The university did not remain independent for long; on July 1, 1972, it was incorporated into the University of North Carolina System, the successor to the Consolidated University.

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The Murphy Center was built for approximately $13 million and opened its doors to ECU student–athletes in June 2002. The School of Dental Medicine is a professional school at the university. The school graduates one degree, Doctor of Dental Medicine. It also has three residencies in Advanced Education in General Dentistry and Dental General Practice.

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The first rush for campus sororities as national affiliates was held in January 1960, with 107 girls participating. With few exceptions, however, the first eight sororities on campus continued to grow as positive, dynamic forces for social life, service, academic achievement, and sisterhood at East Carolina. The intergenerational dedication evident in them bodes well for their continued presence as vital expressions of student life at ECU into the next century. East Carolina University has 20,822 full-time and 7,199 part-time students. In undergraduate school, 18,245 students are attending classes with full-time status, and 4,218 students are attending with part-time status. In graduate school, 2,577 students are full-time and 2,981 are part-time students.