The History Of The Mirror And Its Evolving Style Through The Ages

Colin Harding provides some expert advice on how to unlock their secrets. If you want to care for your antique mirrors correctly, there are several things you can do. First check with an expert if repairing the silver will de-value the piece as some collectors will only buy with the original silver.

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The various photographic techniques mentioned are really interesting and some old photos we have are worth having another look at to determine age. Male clothing is difficult to date as changes in tailoring were more subtle. In the 1850s men started wearing tailless coats that were loose fitting and fastened by a top button. Dark jackets were commonly worn with light trousers. Lounge suits became popular in the 1860s and by the 1870s all three pieces of the suit matched in colour.

Large Circular Mirrors.Ring ago, the Romans and Greeks used polished metal disks to see their reflection. By the s, mirrors were made by dating a piece of glass with metallic silver and were considered important decorative pieces. Frames could be ornately carved in wood or made of ivory, silver, or tortoiseshell. Identifying the age of a mirror will help determine its value and whether it is a genuine antique.

It is a time and labor-intensive process, so this will probably only be a good option is the mirror is of some sentimental or monetary value . The last solution is to take the mirror to a professional so it can be resilvered. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of known places across the US that re-silver mirrors. I’ve read a barrage of posts with this in the last couple of days.

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Remove the glass and scrape all the old silvering off the back of the mirror. Get a very thin piece of modern mirror cut to the same shape. When pushed onto the old glass it causes a vacuum effect and sticks to the old glass so then you can have the benefits of the old mirror but that is usable. It was not until the late 17th Century that dressing mirrors became free standing. To begin with they were made of silver or silver gilt with trestle. During the later half of the 1600’s, Venetian and Parisian craftsmen supplied beautifully decorated toilet mirrors.

The gilt finish is very impressive and allows this antique mirror to create a fabulous impression in a period room. Antique cheval mirrors or also known as ‘standing dressing mirrors’ were first made in Paris. By the 1800’s large plates of glass could be cast, and the free standing mirror known as the antique cheval mirror became very popular.

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The oldest mirror in the world according to scientists can date back to Anatolia (modern-day Turkey), circa 8,000 years ago. Stephanie Mitchell is a professional writer who has authored websites and articles for real estate agents, self-help coaches and casting directors. Mitchell also regularly edits websites, business correspondence, resumes and full-length manuscripts. She graduated from Syracuse University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in musical theater. Label the bag or box of glass with a piece of paper that says «Broken Glass.» Place the bag or box into your building’s trash container.

This mirror is flanked by column sides topped with Corinthian style capitals and decorative features. I have two tin pictures of my great great great grandfather from Germany when he came to America. They are pictures of him and his Native American wife and children. I have a album smaller in size then a CD case with 30 portraits of male, female adults and children. Because the original was such a light wood, this one got faux distressed also. I believe they started out as one of those weird situations from the 70’s where long dressers had two mirrors.

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With a history spanning back millenia, the humble mirror has a rich and versatile past – a story preserved in the antique mirrors we see today. As for any dangerous object, most municipal waste collection services require you to take special steps when you throw away old mirrors. If the glass breaks, it becomes a hazard to waste workers, so it’s important to dispose of mirrors of all sizes safely. Although this is just a sampling of photographic types, hopefully this article gives you a few ideas on how to identify and date your family treasures. His technique also incorporated the camera obscura, but by introducing copper plating with a thin layer of silver exposed to the fumes of iodine crystals, he was able to capture the images.

A carte de visite was a highly desirable item, which would often be exchanged with family and friends and stored in specially designed albums. A fine example of such an album can be found in Lucy Coppin, a birthday present from her loving children . If you’re looking for a beautiful antique mirror, Westland London have a wide and varied selection to choose from. Mirrors have a long and interesting history that stretches across the world and dates back centuries. It is also desirable to have the original glass that the piece was made with. This might be mercury glass which is particularly sought-after.