Cuban Wedding Practices

In Emborrachar, many customs are focused about music and dance. Probably the most popular dances certainly is the conga or perhaps rumba. Guests also are usually encouraged to dance.

The star of the wedding will often chuck her bouquet to unmarried female guests. Whomever assaults it will be committed next! Throughout the reception, lovers may ride in a classic transformable car and become cheered on simply by well-wishers.

Exchange of Rings

Changing rings is one of the greatest rituals in a wedding. That symbolizes the couple’s commitment to each other and wards off malignant spirits. The rings happen to be generally gold or perhaps silver and worn on the left hand’s fourth finger.

At many Cuban weddings, the bride and groom will have a «money dance» in which everyone offers them cash to pin number on their clothes or suit. The couple might consequently use the money to help cover their honeymoon and other wedding expenses.

Guests quite often receive party favors, such as Spanish-hand fans and pottery created by community artists. In addition they may acquire a bottle of Cuban liquor. After the wedding party, the few will transfer to either his / her parents’ home. They may live presently there indefinitely or perhaps they may want to eventually get their own home.

Throwing the Bridal bouquet

Weddings could be an important part of many cultures, and Cuba is not a exception. While faith based wedding ceremonies were not common through the Castro years, Cubans have accepted many of these customs again inside the past few decades.

Tossing the arrangement is another traditions. The new bride will throw her blossoms into a group of solitary women with the ceremony, and the girl who draws it is considered to be next equal to marry.

Music is also an important part of the wedding ceremony, with salsa and rumba becoming popular types pertaining to guests to dance to at the reception. Typically, Cubans love to bring a lot of presents to the couple.

Place be anything at all out of makeup equipment to fresh clothes as well as home decor items. Many couples will also give out get together favors to their friends as a i want to thank coming to celebrate their special day.

Las Vegas

Barrica has a wealthy culture and heritage that is seen inside their wedding ceremonies. These types of ceremonies are full of traditions and rituals that have been passed down for the purpose of generations.

One of the most important parts of a marriage in Emborrachar is the aval. This is a symbolic supplying of loose change that happens alongside the exchange of bands.

Another traditions is the unity candle. The few will every light all their own personal candle, which is then blended into one to represent the union of two family members as one.

Marriage receptions in Barrica are often lengthy and can go past due into the night time. They routinely have music, moving, and meals. The main makes of music played in a Cuban wedding will be salsa, merengue, and bachata. Marriages in Emborrachar are also known to be incredibly colorful and festive.

Tossing Grain

Although a traditional Catholic wedding ceremony might take place in a church, Cuban couples often choose a private event held in their home or in a exclusive area. Couples will more than likely serve guests a feast of Cuban dishes and dance to the rhythms of jugo and merengue.

Through the reception, the newlyweds will mild a unanimity candle to symbolize their union as you. Many couples conserve this candle and relight it on their anniversary each year.

As with Western weddings, the newlyweds will likewise take part in the money move. During this tradition, guests pin cash to the bride and groom as they flow. Usually, this is done to ensure that the couple shoulder a selection of their wedding expenses. The few will later use the money even so they will choose.


Marriage ceremonies are a big-deal in every culture, and Cuba is not a different. The wedding itself differs from one to the up coming, but nearly all are followed by a huge celebration that includes meals and music.

The wedding dress is often white, as it is traditionally a sign of purity. In certain cases, it’s fashioned with floral motifs and made from expensive substances.

Through the dance, men who want to party with the woman must pin money to her apparel or put it in her purse (which she typically carries specifically this occasion). This permits guests to assist the few out financially as they commence their lives at the same time. In addition , couples often receive gifts from their close family to help with expenses.

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